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I'm looking for a few more of my
Does your business need more customers? We may be able to help.  
FutureGen Media is a digital marketing agency based out of Dallas, Texas.  Founded with a mission to help businesses like you grow and get new customers with the power of digital marketing.  Learn more about us here by scrolling down and click the button below to apply to work together.
"Has helped my business grow and has brought value to my business! Made it easy by suggesting to use online booking which has made it easy so I can focus on just work! These guys are the future in business! "
- Derrick Montoya, Local Business Owner

Here's what we do..
Dylan Bowles, Founder FutureGen Media
First we will Meet With You to learn more about your business..

Tell us more about your company

In order for us to see if we'd be a fit to work together, we need to learn more about your company and see if what we do makes sense to help you.

Where are you looking to take your business?

What are your goals in the next 12 months? 

Are you currently marketing online?

What are you currently doing to advertise your business? What have you tried before? What is working and what is not working?
What makes us different
Proven Marketing Systems
Excellent Customer Support
Dedicated To Serving You
Mentored By Top Marketers In The Industry
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Do you know which tweaks to make
in order to DOUble, triple or quadrupal your business?
You've tried Facebook ads. 😤

You've tried Google Adwords. 
You've tried networking.
You've tried doing direct mail.
You've tried EVERYTHING.. yet something still isn't clicking...
Something's off.

Trust me, I get it.

You need a system & process in place to consistently bring you high-quality leads and clients...

✅No more blowing thousands of $$ on ineffective advertising
✅No more buying leads from lead vendors
✅No more going door-to-door
✅No more doing direct mail

You'll finally be able to explode your client list and blow past your competition...

And if you're serious about getting that done now...

Not in 6 months...

Not in 1-2 years...

But NOW...

Then reach out, and let's have a chat.  📞

Website  & Landing Page Creation
  • Full Websites: We can build full custom websites to showcase your company and branding.
  • Promotional Landing Pages: Customize your social media marketing campaign to attract new leads and clients
  • Fully customized: Custom built for your company's branding, add logo, contact information, tracking, and much more.
Search engine optimization
  • Google Search Ranking: Get found on the first page for searches that drive buyers to your website.
  • Google Maps Ranking: Get found in the local maps section for customers to call or get directions.
  • Increase Website Traffic, Leads & Sales: By getting found in local search, you will increase the amount of traffic, leads and sales coming from your website.
Chatbot Marketing
  • Build up a list of subscribers: Just like email marketing, with way higher open rates and click through rates, meaning each messenger subscriber is worth more than email subscribers.  Building up a list allows you to stay connected with your audience in personal one-to-one conversations, with a bot that can have automated conversations with the customer 24/7.
  • Gather contact information: Use bots to also collect the email and phone number of your potential customer on autopilot.
  • Collect payments: Your bot can collect payments directly through messenger and transfer them to your bank.
  •  Start getting new leads overnight: By installing a chatbot on your website to answer customer support questions, you can start generating leads right when you install it as long as your website is getting traffic.
Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Audience Research: Researching your ideal customer on Facebook, building out custom and lookalike audiences, understanding exactly who your ideal client is.
  •  Ad Campaign Creation: We build out campaigns from the targeting, creative, copywriting, and optimizing for the right objective to get the best result.
  •  Retargeting: Install re-targeting pixels to follow up with people who visit your website with ads online to get them coming back and booking an appointment with you, submitting their contact info, etc.
Video Marketing
  • Videos For Your Social Media Channels: We create video clips you can use for your top social media channels to get more engagement, traffic, and leads.
"I realized there was a big hole in my business which was marketing my business online, through various trial and errors I finally found Dylan Bowles of FutureGen Media.  He has increased my online presence has helped grow my customer base and has exposed my business to thousands of potential customers I have nothing but praise and great things to say about Dylan and FutureGen Media. Hope to be a part of his success for many years to come.I feel my money is well spent with FutureGen Media Thank you Dylan."
- Eli Martinez, Local Business Owner

we won't be a fit to work together if...
  •  You do not have a budget for marketing
  •  You cannot handle more customers right now
  •  You believe that online marketing doesn't work and just run your business off referrals only
  •  You are looking for a magic solution
  •   (If this is you, don't apply) 

there's a good chance we would work together if...
  •  You are willing and ready to invest into online marketing
  •  You are in it for the long term game and not looking for a quick, magic solution
  •  You are open-minded and willing to test new ideas and strategies
  •  You trust us as the experts
"Fantastic experience! Very knowledgeable and customer service oriented. I’ve gotten great results obtaining new clients through FutureGen marketing!"
- Jason Bowles, Local Business Owner

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Initial Consultation
Billed once
  • FREE Consultation Call
  • Learn more about your ideal customer
  • Actionable strategies to get new customers
Landing Page Creation
Billed once
  • (1) Complete 2 Page Funnel System
  • Call Tracking
  • Email, Text Message & Google Sheet Lead Notifications
  • Email & Text Message Follow Up Sequence
  • Quiz or Assessment Integration
Full Website
Billed once
  • Home, about, services, contact
  • Add all images and videos
  • Bios of you and staff
  • SEO optimized
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Fast Loading
Ad Campaign Creation
Billed once
  • (1) Complete Ad Campaign
  • Customer Research & Audience Targeting
  • Pixel Installation & Custom Conversion Set Up
  • Custom Ad Copy
  • Image or Video Ad Set Up
  • Business Page Set Up
Ad Campaign Management
Billed monthly
  • Monthly Management
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Ad Optimization
  • Retargeting Strategy & Implementation
Chatbot Creation
Billed once
  • Local Business
  • Company Branding
  • Personal Branding
  • Custom Built
  • Page Integration
"FutureGen Media: Founded With A Mission To Change One Business At A Time With The Power Of Digital Marketing"
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