Attention Business Owners! 

Get More Google Reviews And A Flood Of New Customers With This Brand New System

Start Your Free Trial Today And Get 7 Days To Try It Out And Start Getting More Reviews Fast

Get More Google Reviews And A Flood Of New Customers With This Brand New System

Start Your Free Trial Today And Get 7 Days To Try It Out And Start Getting More Reviews Fast

Did you know 97% Of Customers Read Online Reviews Before Choosing A Business?

If you are not consistently generating online reviews for your local business, you are losing customers to the competition. 

Start your free trial today and get 7 days to start getting more reviews.

Did you know 97% Of Customers Read Online Reviews Before Choosing A Business?

If you are not consistently generating online reviews for your local business, you are losing customers to the competition. 

Start your free trial today and get 7 days to start getting more reviews.
 If You Want To Stand Out Online And Get Customers... Your Business Needs More Online Reviews!
If you want to get more customers from online marketing, you cannot afford to ignore reviews.

When consumers Google your business or category it shows your reviews and your competitors reviews.

AMAZON has taught everyone to read reviews and look for the business that has the most. If that isn't you they will be calling your competitor.

Did you also know Google looks at your review scores and that is a big factor where you rank on Google?

Everyone knows the businesses on top of Google do way better. More reviews better ranking and that equals more customers for you.

Don't let customers go to a competitor.

Our software can get your business tons of 4 and 5 star reviews.

It is so good we are willing to prove it and give you a FREE 7 Day Trial.

You Have Nothing to Lose and Everything To Gain.

We can set you up in just a day.

Here's The Problem
Most local businesses get this completely wrong and miss out on dozens of customers they could have reached..

Getting online reviews can be difficult for the average business owner to get !

Look, we both know that online reviews are absolutely essential for your business and marketing.

But we both also know that it can be EXTREMELY time consuming and difficult to consistently get reviews. Not to mention the expensive agencies that charge thousands to do it for you.

Even If you get past those hurdles, you still may it difficult to get reviews and compete with the competition..

And don’t even mention the daily tasks business owners have to manage... running their local store, managing employees, paying taxes, payroll, managing marketing, all while trying to balance time for family and friends.

Sheesh...when you think about it...the process alone could take weeks to just get one review!

With problems like these, it’s no wonder that most local businesses don't have time to focus on managing their online reputation and reviews and end up giving up while their competition cleans up in profits.

But not to worry, there is a solution...and it works FAST!

What if you could say goodbye to pain of managing your online reputation and focus instead on running your business?

What if you could stop spinning your wheels and doing things the hard way and finally have a solution to getting more online reviews and customers from Google every month?

Our software allows you to get reviews fast and crush the competition.
Here's What Happens If You Don't Fix This
The truth is, the longer you wait to fix this, the sooner the following things will keep happening:
 Less exposure, traffic and sales for your business
 Have to spend hours managing online reputation and reviews
 Less time in the day to focus on the most important aspects of running your business
 Constant Stress That Eventually Leads To Burnout
 Lose Customers To Other Competing Local Businesses With More Reviews
  Less Time Spent With Family And Friends Enjoying Life Outside Work
The Solution Is Getting Consistent Positive Reviews That Attract Local Customers And Get Them Paying You Instead Of The Competition
Pay Close Attention To The Following: Consistent positive online reviews are the #1 way to acquire new customers.

With More Competition Than Ever Online In 2022, It Has Never Been So Important To Have Reviews That Stand Out And Build Credibility From People Searching For Your Product Or Service..

Check out these stats:

90% of people read reviews before purchasing.

30% of shoppers under the age of 44 look at reviews for every purchase

39% of consumers over the age of 55 say they trust reviews more than personal recommendations

83% of customers say reviews must be relevant and recent to be trustworthy

Can you see why reviews are so important in 2022 and beyond?

Getting more positive online reviews is proven to improve your local SEO, get more customers, and grow your business.

By just having a consistent way to get more reviews from your customers, your traffic and sales will increase FAST.

Now more than ever small businesses of all size can compete with the big companies with the power of online reputation management and review generation.

By getting more positive online reviews, you will get more customers finding you online when they search locally for your product or service, which directly translates to more sales and increasing your bottom line.
Start Getting More Online Reviews Fast With Your 7 Day Free Trial!
Starting TODAY you can start getting more reviews from your customers and grow your traffic, leads and sales fast!
  • Brand New Industry Leading Software: You will get access to our brand new software which includes all the tools you need to start getting more reviews on Google and all other major review platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and much more.
  • QR Code Review Generation: You get access to a special QR code you can use on business cards, in person at your storefront, flyers and anywhere else that customers can scan and immediately leave a review on your platform of choice.
  • Capture Customer Contact Information And Enter Into Software: By collecting your client name, email and phone number, you can manually add all contacts into the software and start a review generating campaign that will start getting more reviews fast.
  • Review Automation: The best feature, our review automation system allows you to integrate the software with any major POS platform, payment processor, quickbooks, etc. with a list of 1500+ other common business softwares where customer information is stored and automatically send that over to a review email campaign, putting your review generation on autopilot.
Here is How it Works
Step 1
Start your 7 day free trial and get instant access to the software
Step 2
Get the software connected to your customer database
Step 3
Start your review generation campaigns on Google or any other review platform of your choice
Step 4
Watch your online reviews explode while improving your local SEO and getting more traffic, leads and sales!
Start your 7 Day Free Trial Now!
What Our Clients Say
Jason B.
Verified Purchase
"Dylan and FutureGen are the best in the business. 

Dylan is thorough, professional and attentive to clients and will definitely increase your bottom line. Highly recommend FutureGen and Dylan."
Eli M.
Verified Purchase
"Through various trial and errors I finally found Dylan Bowles of FutureGen Media he has increased my online presence has helped grow my customer base and has exposed my business to thousands of potential customers.  

I hope to be a part of his success for many years to come. I feel my money is well spent with FutureGen Media Thank you Dylan"
Derrick M.
Verified Purchase
Has helped my business grow and has brought value to my business! Has made it easy so I can focus on just work! These guys are the future in business!
Frequently Asked Questions
How Does The 7 Day Free Trial Work? What Is The Cost After The Trial?
By starting your 7 day free trial, you are getting access to an industry leading marketing software that allows you to start generating new real reviews fast from your customers.  This trial allows you to test it out with no risk to you before you decide to start using it on a monthly basis.  The monthly cost after the trial is $199 per month per location.
How Does This Work?
Once you sign up for your trial, you will get access to the software which allows you to enter your customer information and start a review generating campaign.  It will send out emails and/or texts to customers to get them to leave a review on Google, Facebook, Yelp or any other major review platform of your choice.  You will also get a custom QR code you can print out to use at your local storefront.  

You also get to connect the software to any major POS system, quickbooks, any major payment processor, and 1500+ other softwares local businesses commonly use to store customer information.  By syncing your customer data with the software, you will put your review generation on autopilot.  This is all super simple to set up and can be configured in 1 day.  
Are The Reviews Real? Is This Buying Fake Reviews Or Some Kind Of Scam?
This system works by generating 100% REAL reviews from your customers.  We never buy reviews or send fake reviews to Google which would put your online business profile in jeopardy and at risk of getting shut down, which is what many other companies are doing.  Rest assured that everything we do is 100% compliant, legal and really works!
Does This Work For My Industry?
As long as people are searching for your local business online, getting online reviews is important, no matter what industry you are in.  
I Have More Questions?
If you have more questions about this system or the software, please email and I will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 1-2 business days.
About Our Team
Our team has over 6 of experience in digital marketing, having generated thousands of website visitors and well over 6 figures for clients in the process.  

By ordering videos from us, you can assure you will be getting high quality content, custom made videos to use to market and grow your small business.

Growing up with my dad being a small business owner, I have seen the ups and downs of owning a business and when I started my company I made it my mission to help people get more exposure to help them grow and adapt to the ever changing world of digital marketing. 

I first founded my company in 2017 after quitting my job at a restaurant to help the owner with social media marketing instead.  

From there I went on to help my dad's business, then that turned into many other clients who I have personally helped get more customers and market their business online.  

I have a passion for helping other small business owners and I work hard to deliver quality services to each and every client.

We are here to help you get more customers, brand awareness and grow your business.

Dylan Bowles
Founder, FutureGen Media

  • Experience: With over 6 years of experience in video and digital marketing, and generated over 6 figures in revenue for clients.
  • Knowledge: We bring to the table the strategy to increase your website traffic, get more reviews for your business and get you more customers based on our knowledge and experience of what works.
  • Customer Service: We work hard to ensure the satisfaction of every client and save you countless hours of time so you can focus on what you do best.