Case Study #1: 7 Figures With Facebook Ads

7 Figure SEO AND Facebook Ads Automation Case Study

This campaign started to take off in 2019 when we cracked the code on an ad and lead generation system that worked to generate high value leads and cases for my lawyer client.  

We wanted to scale the leads and cases we were getting but were limited on how many calls we could take every day talking to each potential lead and filtering out the junk from the high value, high quality leads and clients.

We set up a chat automation in Facebook messenger that would ask a couple qualifying questions, ask for their name and phone number, and send them a pdf with more information and how to call the office.

We then connected this chat automation tool to Facebook ads, showing the ad to thousands of people around New Mexico over the past 4 years.

This lead to hundreds of leads and multiple 7 figure settlements for the client.

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